Junior Coaching

Junior and Youth programs

Join the crew and have a blast learning and loving the game of golf. We have different groups for all levels from our mini masters to our core ADV programs, for aspiring golfers. We offer a free meet your coaches’ intro so please phone or email to book this and come and discover how we bring the fun to learning and developing our golfers.

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Mini Masters age 4 to 6 yrs

Beginner Level. Fun is the No1 ingredient in this action-packed educational introduction to golf. At this stage our Mini Masters will be enhancing the fundamentals of movement literacy, agility, balance & co-ordination. We also introduce object control with distance and direction. We encourage all the children to run, jump high, swing fast and hit the ball as far as they can.

Junior Masters age 6 to 9 yrs

Beginner Level. Fun is the No1 ingredient in this action-packed educational introduction to golf. At this stage (if they started in the Mini Masters) the junior will be ready to take their game to our Blue Tee Course. We continue to help all children develop their movement Literacy giving them good athletic foundations and nurturing a fit and healthy active life.

Birdie and Bogey Bunch age 9 to 12 yrs

This fun action-packed educational Core Programme starts to see our junior athletes develop an understanding of their golf swings and learn the skills of the short game, including putting, chipping and bunker shots. Time playing on the course is increased as they fall in love with the game.

The Core Crew age 12 yrs+

Once the junior has found their love of the game and have shown good fundamental skills it is time for them to step up to our Core Crew. This sees them take a Core Programme focused more on their mental skills, body skills and their playing game making good decisions on the course. All children at this stage are ready to get handicaps and compete in competitions with the opportunity to represent the Golf Club in County and interclub competitions.

The Scholar. Class time arranged by appointment, either individually or in a small group

The Scholar Core Programme is for the young golfer who wishes to pursue golf further and see just how good they can become. We have access to first class facilities and expertise within the team in conjunction with Lilleshall National Sports Centre. All scholars are fully supported in all the areas of performance they need as they strive to push themselves to be the very best they can be.

The Scholar Next Level – For those who may wish to pursue golf as a career the Core Programme has strong connections to the US College Golf Core Programme.

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