Members Information

We would like to welcome all new members to Lilleshall Hall Golf Club. We hope you enjoy our golf course as well as the fantastic competitions and social events we have on offer to all members.

All social events are normally advertised around the club but an overview of up and coming events can be found here

All member communications will be sent to the email address you provided when you joined. If you did not provide an email address and would like to receive regular updates, please contact David on or call 01952 604776.

We also have very active Facebook and twitter pages. You can gain access to these platforms by visiting or

Please refer to the various notice boards in the locker rooms and by the first tee for further members information. Please click here to visit our page or contact the Club Secretary – David Martin or call 01952 604776.

If you have any other queries with regards to you settling in at our club, please contact us and we will help you with your request.


You will need to download the IG App from either App Store(I phone) or Play Store(android)

All competitions can be viewed on The IG App. To enter a competition go to Competitions>Upcoming>select the competition from the list>scroll down to bottom>enter competition. Competitions are normally open for entry at 9pm the previous week. So for a competition on, say Saturday 9th April, entry will open for sign up at 9pm on Saturday 2nd April.

Make sure you read the competition details, rules and notes for sign up information, entry fees and any handicap limits.

All Open Competitions (Men’s, Seniors, Ladies and Mixed) can be found by clicking on Open competitions and then Open Competitions 2022. All club competitions are available to view on the IG App. For more information on club competitions/handicap queries please e- mail the Competitions & Handicap Committee: or


If you are a new member and have never had a handicap index before then you will need to submit 3 cards marked “for handicap purposes” and place in the box in the downstairs foyer. Please see the notice board for details on how to complete a scorecard correctly.

Once we have received 3 cards you will be awarded a handicap index by England Golf together with a CDH number.

If you are a new member to Lilleshall Hall and have transferred from another golf club then we will automatically make Lilleshall Hall your home club on the England Golf WHS portal.

You can easily see your current handicap index by accessing IG App>handicap record. You can also view your previous competition round details via IG App>Handicap Record>Rounds.